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The Loogeenie

Loogeenie Pro

Loogeenie Pro

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Loogeenie will transform your toilet cleaning experience!

The Loogeenie Pro comes with the added power of effervescent detergent tablets hidden in the handle. Released with the push of a button, each tablet dissolves, disinfects and deodorises killing 99% of germs and leaving your toilet sparkling and fresh. The Loogeenie Pro also comes with its own holder. 

Each Loogeenie toilet brush includes 1 pack of 28 cleaning tablets.


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What makes the loogeenie so special?

First of its kind

The only toilet brush in the World to dispense a solid tablet.

Going where no brush has gone before

Our patented flexible head reaches right into the "S-Trap" to clean.

Environmentally conscious

A toilet brush that negates the need for the use of liquid detergents, reducing landfill, transport costs and unnecessary

Design led

The Loogeenie is an ergonomic, practical, balanced brush that is easy to use.

Other loogeenie products

Tablet refills

Each refill pack includes 4 strips, with each strip containing 7 tablets. That means you'll get a total of 28 tablets in the pack, providing you with enough cleaning power to keep your toilet bowl fresh and clean for several weeks.!

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