We are going where no other toilet brush has been before.

The slimline handle is made from hard-wearing, plastic and it’s super-flexible brush head is a combination of high quality bristle and silicone discs.

See how the Loogeenie works:

This means the Loogeenie can navigate the hard-to-reach bend where the water leaves the pan as well as under the rim of the bowl.
A blister-pack hidden in the handle dispenses a powerful effervescent detergent tablet with the push of a button.
As the tablet dissolves it disinfects and deodorises killing 99% of germs and leaving your toilet sparking and smelling sweet.
Because the Loogeenie is designed to last, and you can do away with toilet cleaning gels, bleach and bowl rim blocks, it is good for the planet and your wallet.

How to load the dispensing tablets into the Loogeenie:

Loogeenie Features: