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Evolutionise your toilet brush with the Loogeenie

  • 1. Release tablet from the handle

  • 2. Allow tablet to dissolve in the bowl

  • 3. Sanitise the bowl with the brush

  • Toilet is left clean and dissinfected. That's it!

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The Loogeenie

The Loogeenie is the toilet brush reinvented. Because the Loogeenie is designed to last, and you can do away with toilet cleaning gels, bleach and bowl rim blocks, it is good for the planet and your wallet.

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Our Story

At the age of 70, Aldo Werjutina is Australia’s oldest apprentice plumber.

Based on experience tackling countless blocked S bends and malodorous toilet bowls he has reinvented the humble toilet brush with the help of best mate of 30 years, cray fisherman Joe Pittorini.

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When it comes to toilet cleaning not all brushes are created equal.
Introducing the Loogeenie - the world’s best toilet brush.

Its slimline handle and super-flexible silicone and bristle head allow the Loogeenie to reach where no toilet brush has ever gone before. Built-in disinfecting and deodorising tablets released during each clean leave your toilet hygienic and sparkling.

The Australian-designed Loogeenie is the toilet cleaning brush you’ve been waiting for.